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Emergency Eyecare during COVID-19

We are still open for emergency eyecare during the pandemic. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your eyes or vision.

If you are experiencing any pain in the eye, foreign body, redness of the eyes, sudden vision loss or double vision, or flashes or floaters in your vision contact us instead of going to the walk-in-clinic or ER. Whenever you are questioning anything about your eyes or vision it is best to see an eye doctor as we have the tools necessary to do a more thorough examination of the eye.

Coronavirus transmission through the eyes

The novel coronavirus causes COVID-19, a potentially fatal respiratory illness. It’s thought that the virus can spread through contact with any mucous membrane, including the conjunctiva — the clear, thin membrane that covers part of the front of the eye as well as the inner part of the eyelids — according to the American Optometric Association.

Transmission is most likely through the mouth or nose but the conjunctiva makes the eye another possible transmission site for COVID-19. Without eye protection — such as glasses, goggles or a face shield — in addition to your face mask, your eyes will not be guarded from coronavirus.

If you have recently traveled or have been sick recently and are experiencing any "pink eye" symptoms call or text us at 701-837-0022 to discuss with our staff or Dr Ahmann if you should be see for your ocular symptoms.

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